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Keeping your car’s air conditioning functioning effectively is essential for keeping you cool in the summer months. But at CarSmart, we know air-con is responsible for so much more – it can remove pollutants, harmful bacteria, allergens, and odours from the air which would otherwise circulate around your vehicle. That’s why regular air conditioning maintenance should be an essential part of your car’s routine checks.

With our range of air-con maintenance accessories, you can ensure your car’s cooling system is functional, always. When checking your air-con, you’ll need to assess the temperature of the unit, the levels of the refrigerant gas and lubricant, and the functioning of key components including the compressor, condenser, and hoses. We sell all the items you’ll need for this, from air-con test thermometers to PAG oil, so your unit functions as it should.

It’s also advisable to give your car air conditioning a powerful antibacterial clean to eliminate any harmful bacteria, pathogens, or unpleasant odors that are trapped in your car’s cooling system.

You can choose from our selection of easy-to-use air-con cleaning aerosols and sprays to help purify the air. This helps to remove any unpleasant smells, giving your car that new car smell once more