Brake Maintenance

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Noticing issues with your car’s brakes can be one of the most concerning vehicle issues, and when embarking on a long journey it is essential you know your brakes are fully functional before setting off to keep you and your loved ones safe. We stock a range of car brake maintenance products, including brake and clutch fluid, brake cleaner, and brake pipe fittings, to give you peace of mind that yours are reliable and working as they should do.

At CarSmart, we believe preventing issues with your car’s brakes is vital, and recommend changing your braking fluid every 1-2 years or every 24,000 miles by using one of our high-quality brake and clutch fluids.

Keeping your brakes clean can also ensure they work reliably while helping to reduce loud and annoying brake squeal. For this, we sell a range of versatile cleaners that can be used on all parts of your car’s brakes, clutch, springs, and pistons.

Not only will this help avoid dangerous issues with your brakes and prolong their lifespan, but will give you confidence when on the road. However, for any major issues with your car’s braking system, we also brake pipes and screws so you can complete this costly repair yourself.