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Extend the Life of Your Vehicle
7 easy ways to extend the life of your vehicle

In light of the pandemic-led economic crisis, more and more of us are actively searching for ways to cut back on any unnecessary costs and keep our household budgets in check. Your vehicle is an expensive passion and can eat up a good chunk of your money when it needs to be repaired or worse, when you have to purchase a new car because your old car is no longer road worthy. If you are planning to tighten your belt, don’t despair; there are thankfully several ways that you can look after your vehicle to help extend its lifespan and avoid unexpected and expensive repairs.

Use Car Regularly

1. Use your car regularly

Leaving your car unused for long periods is actually a false economy. It degrades the battery, especially during the colder winter months. Try to use your car at least once a week if possible, or for cars locked away in storage, visit them regularly and turn the engine on for a few minutes to keep the battery healthy.

Drive Smoothly

2. Drive smoothly

If your car needs constant repairs it does not mean you’re a bad driver, but the more mechanically conscious we drive, the better it is for our vehicles. From the perspective of your vehicle’s components – the gearbox, steering wheel, and pedals – smoother driving beats aggressive driving hands down. Plus, you’ll also cut down on your fuel bills!

Keep Fluids Topped Up

3. Keep fluids topped up

If your car’s engine is not lubricated enough it can be disastrous for your vehicle, so we suggest you check both your oil and coolant levels every two weeks to keep your car healthy. Checking your fluid levels will also help you to identify any leaks which could cause further damage.

Check Tyre Pressures

4. Check your tyre pressure

Your vehicle’s tyres also need to be properly inflated to cut down on maintenance costs, reduce your fuel bill, and help to keep you safe on the roads. Checking the tyre pressure once a week is a good rule of thumb to go by, enhancing your car’s life and potentially saving yours!

Replace Spark Plugs

5. Replace spark plugs

Carrying out your own car maintenance can be intimidating, especially as motoring is getting more and more technologically advanced. However, replacing spark plugs regularly is straightforward and will keep your engine performing at its best.

Run Air Conditioning

6. Run your air conditioning regularly

To keep your car’s air conditioning functional, it needs to be used regularly. Yes – even in the winter! Refrigerant gas can leak from these systems if they aren’t used for extended periods, which will need replacing before the air-con will work again.

Change Air Filters

7. Change air & oil filters

Clogged filters can also stop your car from performing well, and so regularly replacing both your oil filter and your air filter is essential. You can pay for this to be carried out at a garage, but this is again an easy fix that you can complete yourself to save money.

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